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Hopefully if the new break remains open it will bring cooler waters and more stripers back to the Monomoy flats.

When the Southway was open, cool ocean water kept water temperatures on the flats in a range which stripers liked. The Southway also permitted stripers to move from the ocean to the flats. With cooler waters on the flats and easy access for stripers there was great fishing through the entire summer. When the Southway closed water temperatures on the flats rose and the number of stripers dropped, closing down a world class fishery.

If the new break remains open, we are all hoping that the flats fishing will return.

Back when the flats fishing was great, several water taxis used to ferry (for a reasonable fee) dozens of wading anglers to various locations on the flats. It was one of the best locations on the East Coast for the wading angler.

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