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Some interesting feedback. Thanks to all who replied. Life is a learning curve as long as we're on the planet. I'll follow the leads on the baby tarpon and snook.

I just wanted to say something about the Belize guides that may have been misunderstood.

I guided for steelhead on the Deschutes for a number of years and so, know a little bit about how a guide's mind works. People always tell you the experience is the thing and they don't care whether they catch fish or not.

Bull ****

If they didn't want to catch fish, they'd be off bird-watching somewhere.

It's fish. And it's fish (or at least action) at satisfying intervals. Steelhead are tough. Two fish a day is a respectable and desireable bag. Getting skunked is not unheard of. Landing five per day is a cause for celebration (at least in my circles).

Baby tarpon and Snook, where they are supposed to be abundant, on the other hand, are a different story. One expects action every day, landing the buggers or not. Decent probing of the mangrove pockets should pull one out every now and then. That's been my experience in Florida on Captiva/Sanibel, anyway.

So, there's the guide. Watching his sports casting their brains out for nothing and thinking, "God, where can I get these guys into fish." The guide runs here and the guide runs there with the same blank result. He's going nuts.

"Well", he thinks, "there are always bonefish. Maybe we can catch some of those they'll be happy and I'll feel better about this whole frustrating mess."

So, sort of intuiting this, I wasn't fishing for the bonefish because I wanted to. I was fishing for bonefish so the guide wouldn't feel so frustrated.

And, by the way, I have the utmost respect for the guides I fished with. They are knowledgeable, conscientious and hard working. Please understand that. They were doing their best to show us a good time; the stars just happened to be aligned against it, through no fault of theirs.

And, yes, the bone fish of Belize (at least where we were) are minis. They looked like brook trout patrolling a cirque lake.

And that's -30- for tonight, friends.


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