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Originally Posted by FLGator
Belize in January...been there done that and got the t shirt. Wouldn't go back then. Weather too unreliable. Fully understand wanting out of winter and a warm water break, but January can be tough in the northern hemisphere.
For nine years I went to Andros Island in the Bahamas, considerably farther north than Belize, the first week or first two weeks in January. I'd usually arrive on January 2. For the first eight of those years we had very nice weather and the biggest bonefish you'd see all year. Most days had good sun, little wind, and the air was warm without being "muggy." In all, the weather was usually better those weeks than what I was used to in March or early April when I would make another trip. Those months are almost invariably quite windy and when the wind dies down and it was warm and muggy the doctor flies would arrive. Yes, even as early as mid-March. I quit going in March because it really was that way year after year. Finally, two years ago (or is it three years ago now) when southern Florida had the two week stretch of VERY cold weather with the huge snook kill, etc., Andros had the same conditions as it's about the same latitude as much of southern Florida. Two weeks of frigid conditions where one just couldn't find a way to get warm (no blankets in the rooms let alone actual heat!) While that was nasty the truth is we fished every day and we did see bonefish every day even though the flats' water temperatures were in the upper 50's F. I had only a lightweight pair of silk underwear which didn't nearly do the job. SmartWool is what I needed. One day we came in early, and I wanted to jump in a hot shower just to get warm again and there was no hot water as the staff had just finished several loads of laundry. I was fairly miserable, but when I got home I had to admit that one bad year out of nine wasn't bad for early January. And as cold as it was it didn't get nearly as windy as is the normal wind in March.
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