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Thanks, Doc,
I appreciate your reply, but, frankly, bones are not my thing. Unless fish jump out of the water, I'm not terribly interested.
Then, too, a lot of planes seem to be crashing going to and from The Rocks.
A mighty high five to you, though, because at least you replied to my post. I don't know why Juro's site is so dead. I really thought my post on my thoroughly unreliable, yet expensive, celebrity reel would get some comments.

But no.

People read this stuff. But don't comment.

I'm the anti-musician, but I play trombone and recorder in several musical groups. The traffic on the these sites is Olympic medal caliber. When I post on The Trombone Forum (there really is such a thing, believe me), I can't get through a short post before a pop-up informs me someone is already posting to the thread.

So, what's my point here? People are reading this. There's a counter going all the time. Why aren't people posting? Juro bled his life's blood to make this work. Please, if you have something to say about any of the idiotic things I post, or the very helpful things others post, please comment and keep this
Forum alive and lively.

Petri heil,

Last Trombone in Waldport
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