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Originally Posted by juro
See what I mean?
Say could you guys provide a forum like this so I can wear these shoes for a while instead of mine? I promise I will live up to your standards.

We HAVE......for $7.00 per month. ($84.00 per year) See suggestion above, it was said with the best of intentions.

There is currently less readership here...... but if there were more readership, the price might go up to $14.00 a month.

But be advised that no one is making a profit at $7.00/month. That is just what it costs to keep it online. It is not a money making venture. But if you desired you could sell adds to beef up a profit and defrey the $7/month cost. Maybe even make some money if you so desired.

There is virtually no maintainence time for the membership or your time will be freed up to deal with more pressing issues.

Take a look at Proboards if you want to keep this site running.....maybe some of the guys will come back.

Send me a PM and I can tell you about the details.

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