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See what I mean?

Here's an accounting for you - I just paid $383.70 out of pocket. No donations toward server costs have been received since last fall. The forum runs on MySQL over licensed VBulletin on php with a load that required several upgrades to the point it is now, but the payments had to be cleared to migrate to a lower cost server which is again a LOT of work in and of itself.

Anyway guys - you're welcome! I hope you enjoyed the platform provided for over 10 years for your fly-tying self-promotion and the building of lifetime friendships and memorable experiences like the mecca just to name one small drop in the bucket - or perhaps information to help exploit exchange rates and enjoy sea bass fishing that puts yours to shame.

You see I really don't harbor any animosity as such, but I thought you could use a dose of what it's like to listen to the entitled ones demanding of the person trying to do something good for the community of anglers. Thanks, feels great. Say could you guys provide a forum like this so I can wear these shoes for a while instead of mine? I promise I will live up to your standards.

However Dan - I truly appreciate the gesture. I hope the resource continues to be worthwhile for you no matter which direction it goes however I can say that it will be a much bigger professionally managed and run venture going forward.
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