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Hi Juro,

First off, Happy New Year.

You have to do what is important to you.

Over the years, many years I have enjoyed the site and have met many wonderful fly fishermen. Everything about the site especially in the early years helped us fight many good battles to save steelhead. But now times have changed, anyway for me and the friends I have met here are more important than the battle. There are other ways now to get the word out for steelhead.

But honestly I think the forum thing is over for most forums. I can't stand the sailboat cruising forums that I go to now and then as they are nothing but lots of foolish people and I guess I must be one for going to them. But I think your forum had a great run and now it is time for you to move on one way or another. I think that would be best for you as all our lives change.

Hoping to see you out here in Oregon or back in New England before we go sailing again in June. By the way fishing is really good on the Hood right now, but damn cold this week.

Best of luck on what you do.


Steve Wrye
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