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Hi Marty,

Yup!, a deathly sharp 7inch Normark fillet knife goes in my checked bag every time. Can't tell you how many times my bags had Airport Customs/Security seals on them indicating they've been opened and searched. Ever since the first time that happened, I include in my bag (right on top) a detailed inventory of all the items in it and a couple photo's of those contents "exploded" on my livingroom floor. I go through those steps not so much for Customs/Securities benefit as I do it for any claims I might have to make to recover the value of lost baggage. And if the Airport/Airlines fail to redeem me full value, I have a ryder on my home insurance policy that will pick up the difference. Have you ever considered the monitary value of your checked bag contents? I bring 4 rods and reels worth well over $2,500.00 and how I could ever put a value on all the flies I've personally tied and bring...(comprising 100's of hours at the bench). Then there's an extra camera/tripod and lenses clothing, hats, footwear, GMRS radios etc. I figure I've got over $4,500.00 bucks packed into a 50lb's worth being so anal should something happen.

Nope, never had an issue with the knife.
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