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Thanks guys. That's some encouraging information. It's not always about catching fish but just fishing and it looks to be a nice stretch of water to check out.

The owner of Tippy's, who has a place on Windemere or nearby, said he could leave my name with the guard to the island so I could check out the fishing there so I'm going to take him up on the offer in January.

Seeing and catching tailing bones in the mangroves/creeks between Winding Bay and Half Sound really got me interested in more exploring.

I'll be logging more miles and filling the gas tank with $6.30 a gallon gas.

And Henry, you're so right abourt the other species. I was shocked to see the speed that a grouper charges a fly from 10-15 feet away. They are very agressive. If you are kayaking do you bring along a cooler with ice, clean your catch and throw it in the cooler? If you don't have a cooler I guess there isn't much you can do with a snapper or grouper unless you're at the end of your fishing day.

Thanks again.

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