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Henry is right on with his answer. The area is nice, but it's not as if it is rarely fished. Obviously not as heavily fished as the north end of Savannah, but guides fish there (Denny Rankin & sometimes Paul petty I believe). Denny lives right on the water in Savannah sound, so if he does a guided trip, that's where he goes. Also, anyone who owns or rents a house on Savannah sound can fish there also, plus the adventurous anglers like Henry (and myself).

If you get in there, go all the way to the mouth or opening where the sound meets the sea--very fishy points and I've seen some big jacks in there, also some nice grouper in the rocks too. As you leave the sound and head south along the beaches, we've caught some nice bones there too.

I have heard stories of occasional tarpon in there too-but never personally seen one there.
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