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Originally Posted by juro
Good stuff Walt - glad you're safe.

Would you say that tarpon is a reliable bet over those 8 trips?

We have caught tapon on other trips but this was by far the best we have done with them. Usually they are spread out in the lake, which is huge, and they are difficult to find. When Sandy came through there was a lot of fresh water from the rain dumped in the lake. This caused the fish to move to where salt water was being pumped into the lake. The tarpon as well as snook and some bonefish were in a canal maybe 100' wide and about .5 miles long. This was crystal clear water, maybe 3 to 4 feet deep and school after school of tarpon would run up and down that stretch of canal. We jumped fish after fish and landed double digits. You were almost upset when one did not throw the hook after a couple of jumps and you had to fight it to the bank. You could watch the fish turn on the fly, follow and then take it. Very exciting stuff. Most of them were in the 20 to 30lb range and perfect for a 10 wt.

That being said it is not common but if you could time your trip to the day after a hurricane you could probably find the same type of fishing.

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