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Puerto Rico 10 Months In....

Been living in Puerto Rico for ten months now, and to say that the fishing here is not what I expected would be an understatement. If you would have told me a year ago that I would be fishing in Salt only 10% of the time I would have said you were nuts.

When I arrived I thought that Tarpon fishing was primarily a Saltwater game but I was most definitely wrong on this point. While this Island is indeed packed with saltwater Tarpon, virtually every body of water (including drainage ditches) is loaded with Baby Tarpon I live in a neighborhood that has Tarpon in just about every Golf course pond, and as you get to the larger ponds the definition of a Baby Tarpon is up to 60 pounds. Fishing for them is simple up every Saturday and Sunday @ 5 am, jump in the Golf Cart and fish until 7:15 when the first Golfers hit the course, then fall back to the Lagoon and fish till 9. Average morning is usually 4 fish jumped, and 2 landed. I then take a break during the day and head back in the evening to fish until sunset where I can usually land another fish or two. Its absolutely unbelievable.

As mentioned earlier the Tarpon are not limited just to my area. I have had success in the Golf course and canal at the Ponce Hilton, The Lagoons in the Reserve by the El Conquistador , and the Humacao area has several Lagoons and Canals that can all be fished by foot - and all have Tarpon. I have read repeatedly where a boat is required to fish the Island but its simply not true. Virtually Every river, canal, and Lagoon that I have fished has held Tarpon.

The fishing is a mixed bag of casting to rolling Tarpon (low percentage shot), to sight fishing the fish as they work up and down the Hydrilla lines. If you see a dorsal fin and a tail at the same time, and can get a fly in front of them they usually eat. The other option is to work the lee side of the pond or lagoon and look for wakes the two latter options are high percentage shots.

As far as Saltwater - I have fished several times but to be honest its somewhat disappointing . This is not due to the fact that its unproductive - as it most definitely is not . To date I have fished Pargera, Boqueron Bay, and the San Juan Area but for the most part its a deeper water game. The guides I have been with have generally looked for birds, and/or surface activity, and then positioned the boat to allow you to blind cast into the general area. Usually once you get to the boil you will hook into either a Jack, Albie, or Tarpon. Its very productive but I still prefer seeing the fish and watching it tear into the fly.

Bottom line its good enough that I still have not been tempted to head over to Anegada, Culebra, or Vieques to take a shot at my first love Bonefish. If your in Puerto Rico and have a desire to fish for land based tarpon feel free to reach out Its always nice to hang with other Gringos!

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