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Now that's very cool info as I'm toying with going down that road. Only thing that's held me back is I can buy 50 UK 'Buzzers' for 12 pounds (plus a couple more for postage). And done by a Pro.

With my PP account screwed up (ever actually tried to talk to a real person there? Don't bother, you won't) the payment system is convoluted. I'll set up an account (payment by PP 'Invoice') at a local shop that the 'seller' can draw on. As I said, convoluted, but it's working.

Wish I could convince more folks to sign up with Their system is flawless. Had a question a couple of months back, no problem on a purchase-those have all been 110%. You order, you get .... Bebos figured that one out years ago.

Anyway, had a simple question and I was talking to a Real Live Breathing Human Being in less than 3 minutes.

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