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Salina Point Bonefish Lodge-Anglers Club!

Salina Point Bonefish Lodge Angler’s Club!

Salina Point Bonefish Lodge is pleased to announce the formation and official launch of its Anglers Club!

Membership is open to fishermen/women, family and friends, with an open registration period until December 31, 2012.

Pay our low advertized weekly rate, plus $100:00 membership fee annually and enjoy great fishing and accommodations at our lodge on Acklins Island Bahamas.

49% off for club members, when accompanied by a non-member paying our regular rate.

Club Members have the added benefit of having these rates locked in for the next 36 months………………………..this represents a savings of more than $2,000:00

Fishing @ $693:60/week

Your membership benefits include:

*your spacious, remote, beach front accommodations with all the amenities!
*Three full meals a day,
*Daily drop/pick-up to flats etc.
*air-port transfers
*Perfect for couples
*Fully stocked bar
*Available guided days!

Refer 10 persons who book & pay ONLY $10 annual membership fee over the next 36 months!

Don’t Kick yourself! ENROLL NOW!

Charter members will have premium status! Enjoying discounts on merchandise, bar checks, guided days, etc. in the future!
Salina Point Inn Bonefish Lodge
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