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Dean again...

Well it was interesting and very challenging! First afternoon I managed to hook a pair of Steelheads both hens and very fresh the one I landed was about 8# and had sea lice in the correct amount . That night it rained and it rained and it rained! Next morning I landed another hen as chrome as they can be a minute from the sea and by then we had a doubtful and very optimistic 6" of visibility. Logs were floating down river with a frequency of "Warning" to get the hell of the river as it was on verge of becoming a Flood event. And it did. We got off the river about noon and on Sunday it was in the trees and Latte like for color, we hung out around camp and had a great time chatting with new found friends.
Monday it had dropped below some of the trees and having nothing better to do we went back at it. Though seemigly futile I did have a bite from a what I felt was a Dolly but no other action visibility was optimisticly 6".
Tuesday was a little better as the water was dfropping but not reaslly clearing, but when you are there for one and only one reason you fish, right? Well I had a couple of hang down pulls from a fish and stuck it on the second attempt it was another hen of about 8#.
I could bore with a lot more details but suffice to say at no time was the river in shape but a firm foot hold in OP winter run fishing gave us the "courage"lol to keep flogging along in spite of what I can honestly claim to be the worst fishing conditions imaginable we caught Chrome Bright Sea Lice (infested) Summer Steelheads in a fllod event, so there you go as Hunter S. Thompson said "when the going gets weird the weird turn Pro" .
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