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News from the Atlantic Salmon Federation - June 22, 2012

Atlantic Salmon Federation News

ASF Rivernotes, detailing conditions on Atlantic salmon rivers, has been updated to June 22. Fascinating material.

Watch Real-time Progress of At-Sea Salmon Tracker
A Wave Glider, depending on wave action for propulsion, is now active in the waters west of Newfoundland. Follow its real-time progress. Link from top of ASF's Smolt Tracking Research Project Page.

Nova Scotia Offers $25 Million Support for Aquaculture Expansion
The NS government has just announced major support for Cooke Aquaculture expansion, while many are questioning the province's lack of consultation with coastal communities and the impact on fisheries and tourism.

ISA, a contagious disease affecting Cooke Aquaculture's netpens in NS, remains a concern. Just this week another suspected ISA case was announced.

Jim Gillespie Receives NB Award
The New Brunswick Lt. Governor's Award was presented to Atlantic salmon conservationist Jim Gillespie recently. Read more.
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