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I haven't stayed at Mt Pleasant lodge before, but I looked up their location and info. They're on North Andros which is the one part of Andros I haven't visited. However, I've fished ocean side flats quite a bit on Andros and they're definitely not as good fishing as the rest of the island. Usually you see schools of fish, including resident schools that don't really move very far from day to day. Most of these are pretty decent sized schools but some smaller schools and doubles and triples will be found too. Overall though the numbers of fish will be a lot more limited than other places on the island.

Based on the satellite maps I don't see much if any wading right near there. It looks like you have to go a couple of miles north to get to a decent bunch of flats. Overall I don't think it's a place to spend a week fishing but more like just a few days, unless you throw a guided day or two in there too.
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