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A trip to both Eleuthera and Andros

We are considering a combination trip next May that will allow us to spend approx 6 days on Eleuthera (we haven't been yet) and maybe 4 on Andros (have visited twice).

Is there a flight / airlines that flies between these islands or do we have to go back thru Nassau?

We want to do mostly DIY in both locations and will likely hire guides on ocassion to help aim us in the right direction. Also, we're open to suggestions on where to stay on both islands. While on Andros we stayed at Kamalame but those days are long over. For affordability, we've looked at the Rainbow Inn on Eleuthera and Mt Pleasant Inn on Andros. We would likley hire Solomon Murphy (from Stafford Creek) while on Andros as he is just a great guide.

Lastly, my wife is an avid sea glass and shell collector. Are there areas on each island that we should visit?

Thank you in advance for your help,

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