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Thanks Jim.

I fished the southern end of Half Bay and saw no fish even though it looked like a good spot. I also checked out the mangroves in the southeast corner. I noticed some oysters clinging to the mangrove roots there. And I drove to the end of the peninsula and ended up on a cliff about 50 feet high with no way to get down to the water. It was a miracle I got the car out of there. Maybe I'll try Turtle Beach.

My neighbors in N. Palmetto Pt. say there is a HUGE Parrot fish right in front of their house. I'll have to snorkle over there to check it out.

While snorkling in front of my house in 15 of water I noticed a school of jacks circling and saw a school of bones swimming just under them. I was wondering all day where the darn things were. Maybe my blindcasting bothered them and kept them from moving along the beach.

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