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Cat Island report

Just returned from Cat Island , friendly people , beautiful beaches , and bonefish on a large flat just a 5 min. walk from where we stayed . The weather was a bit of a problem though , a lot of cloud cover and a constant 20 -25 m.p.h. wind's . The first couple of days I caught a few small jacks and barracuda , and had shots at two schools of bonefish as they were leaving the flats on the droping tide . I would get down on my knee's so not to be seen , and make my cast . On two occasions I had fish follow the fly , when I stopped stripping they would stop , when I started stripping they would follow . The fish came so close to me that their backs were out of the water before they spooked . I found this to be both discouraging and encuoraging , I'm finding fish just have to find the right fly . On the third day my plan was to wade to the right side of the flat so that any fish I might encounter would be either a down or crosswind cast for me . It wasn't long before I spotted two bonefish following a small shark . I made a decent cast and one of the fish started to follow the fly , this time when I stopped stripping he kept coming and ate the fly . The next thing I know my reel is screaming and backing that has never seen the light of day is peeling off the spool . After a couple of more and equally impressive runs I land the fish . It's hard to believe that a fish of 3-4 lbs. could be that fast and strong . I caught one more fish that day . Had to make about a 60 ft. cast into that crosswind , and as luck would have it the fly landed right on his nose . the fish took off immediatlly and I assumed I had spooked the fish until I noticed my line traveling in the same direction , and then my reel started to do that screaming thing again . This one was slightly larger , about 5lbs. As my wife and I were leaving the Island I noticed that the wind had died down and it was a bright sunny day , and I wished I could have one more shot on that flat . Maybe next year .
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