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Thanks for the report. Trying to work out a trip to the island next month and your account gives me even more incentive to make it happen.

Like you, I think I was losing too many fish (especially the larger ones I would have really liked to get to see up close) when they took off on that initial run. I was using "store bought" tapered bonefish leaders with 10 and 12 lb. tippet. To try to remedy the break-offs, I tried tyng up some of the bonefish leaders recommended by Capt. Bruce Chard. He uses Rio Saltwater Hard Mono for the main leader stepping down from 30 lb. to 12 lb. and then Seagar Grand Max flourocarbon in 16 lb. for the tippet. I have broken off a couple of fish with this leader but nothing like before. It also casts well. I'm sure you can find the video instructions with a web search if you're interested. I still may resort to 10 lb. flouro at Savannah Sound or in the Harbour on occsion, but don't know that I get any more takes that can be attributed to the lighter tippet.

John Pool
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