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The Bahamas are certainly an option in January, but you may hit a cold front, which can slow the fishing. (actually the catching!)

The farther south you go in the Bahamas, the better, but there are still no guarantees at that time of year.

Belize is an option, but you can get cold fronts there too.

Los Roques is much further south, and cold fronts are not a problem there to the best of my knowledge. However, any place can have cloudy weather anytime, which just makes the bones harder to see. In that case, concentrate on areas with very light colored bottoms. I like to walk beaches when it is very cloudy, because you can usually get closer to the fish making it easier to see them, and they are generally not very spooky along the beaches. Plus you usually encounter a host of other species along the beaches which you can target.

Seychelles would be good too! Or Christmas Island.
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