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Update............treatment is completed and I am not totally free of any pre-cancerous cells on my face. Face is a mess...significant facial swelling from the trauma of the treatment and the fact that the removal of multiple layers of skin, has left facial skin too thin to hold fluids (temporary).

I am writing only to reinforce the original thread...that the sun can be dangerous.
I would not wish this treatment on anyone! It works...but extreme.

If anyone ever sees me fishing without a load of sunscreen on and or a facial buff......please come over and kick me in the "flybox".

The thing to remember is to be vigilant.......I have been using SPF 70 sunscreen for the last 10 years........the problem was....using nothing for the previous 56 years.

See something unusual on your face...get it checked out.


PS: the good news. Garry (Polarezes-AKA my "son") and I went last week to LL Bean to return his waders and get replacement.........I asked him if he minded me standing next to him, given the condition of my face? His answer..." make me look great" There are few things in life better than having a good friend!
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