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Originally Posted by juro
Felton provides a vehicle as part of the stay. There are so many flats on the island you couldn't possibly fish them all in a week, north south and middle.

I recommend the boat ride to a pretty much exclusive area near Salinas which is exceptional habitat and fishing and you could take days to explore just that one area.
Yeah last time I was there we spent a week and fished a bunch of the more popular flats, but we probably only explored about 10% of what's out there. Other than Andros, it has the most extensive flats of any island I've been to in the Caribbean.

What's the flat or area called near Salinas that you're recommending if you don't mind me asking? I've fished a lot of the north end of the island, or at least most of what's accessible by driving to it and wading in. There's the whole northeast area that you really need a boat to explore. I fished the Snug Harbor area a couple of days, but the flats there are enormous too and even with doing a death march one day I don't think I made it more than 3 miles or so north from that old broken down church where you can park on the water side near the elementary school on the opposite side.

One of the guys I went to Andros with last year doesn't want to go to Acklins and wants to head back to Mars Bay again this year, so what I'm probably going to do is Acklins for a week and then Andros the week before or after that. If you find another single that wants to go March 17-24 we'll be happy to have a 4th person share a room with one of us so we can avoid a single occupancy fee.
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