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Originally Posted by Swalt
I am not going to compare fishing on Acklins to fishing on Andros. I have never fished Andros. I do know that Andros is not the only place in the Bahamas where there are good sized bonefish. I have caught double digit fish on other out islands and seen them on Acklins. Some people like to hunt and catch fish on their own and I think Acklins is one of the best places in the Bahamas to do so.

You must not have read what Felton includes in his deal. Both lodging and food are included. He also provides transport to and from the airport as well as daily boat transport to some of the top flats on Acklins. So food is not an extra cost and you don't need a rental unless you choose to get one. You can also hire a guide if you would like.

Hi Walt. I've only done Acklins once (Feb 2010), but Andros a bunch of times going back 10 years. Almost all of the fish I saw on Acklins were in the 3-4 pound range, though I did see some bigger fish, and one that was well over 30" and probably easily 12-14 pounds.

You're right, I didn't see what Felton had in the deal. I'm really tempted to just go to Acklins for 2 weeks instead of Andros since it'll cost me about 1/3 the price. Well make that about 1/5 the price since I have a college buddy that I pay for since he can't afford to go, but we've been doing destination trips for over 10 years now and it's just not the same without him. At $3250 a week for Andros, plus guide tips that'll run me $50+/day, boy is this a lot cheaper!

Personally I just like to fish on my own so a guide to me is just a way to get to the good flats. I always just leave the other guy with the guide and go off on my own. I like the peace and quiet of solitary wading, plus every fish you see you cast to and there's no need to take turns!

There is one big problem for me though that I have to consider. I have two destroyed hips and 3 bad discs in my back, including one that's herniated. My hips are so bad I take oxycontin and oxycodone every day 24/7 just to be able to make it through every day. The last time on Acklins, I found a lot of the flats were very soft and very difficult wading. By the end of the week, I could barely walk due to the pain.

What's the bottom like on most of the flats towards the south end of the island? I stayed up in Chester's and fished mostly the north end of the island. I did fish Snug Harbor a couple of days though, and that was great to wade and nice and hard and easy, so if we'd be doing a lot of flats like that, then I'm fine. I did a lot of flats up near Chester's that were all soft and had that hill/hole/hill/big hole/big hill/hole pattern that makes for really hard wading, and I can't really do that for more than a day any more.
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