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There's a couple of places you can go there. I'd go to some of the bridges where you can get down to the water and not fish off the bridge. Find where the tides/currents have made a spit of sand go out from the shore and wade out on the spit with your fly or spin rod. Depending on the tides and water depth, you can either throw out into the channel, or fish the shallows towards the beach. Here's one example of the type of area I'm talking about:
Bridge #1

And a couple of other places I used to go (keep in mind this was 10 years ago!)
Dark flats
Good small bay with a put-in right here

The tricky part is you need to be very careful of the tides so you don't get stranded. Ideally, try and find a local place you can rent a kayak. That example #1 above you really need a boat to get you across the channel to the flat that's in the middle of the picture. I used to go there years ago and do this, but I haven't been back for a while, so I don't know where the sand spits would be good these days for sure. Just bring a small anchor with you and you can either fish from the boat, or anchor it in a shallow place and wade around a bit.

Oh and to answer your question about the beach, in general there's not much. You'll find a lot better fishing if you go to a bridge.
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