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Is there any particular reason why you guys go to Acklins every year instead of changing it up sometimes? I know Acklins is cheaper than pretty much anywhere else, but it also takes extra travel time to get there, a few hundred extra for the flights, and you end up spending more money on food and for a rental car where you wouldn't need either thing at any of the places I've gone on Andros (all inclusive). I know it's generally totally uncrowded too on Acklins which is always nice, but Andros is just as deserted in my experience too. So with the extra flight costs, rental car, food, and the fact you pretty much have to stay over in Nassau on both ends of your trip, I think Acklins ends up being just as expensive as Andros, but with many fewer and much smaller fish.

I'll be on South Andros for a week in March, the 17th-24th, and I'm still looking for another place to go for the week before or after. If I were to go to Acklins though, I'd want to go the week before i.e. the 10th-16th so I can go chase real bonefish on Andros the 2nd week and not the little guppies that are on Acklins.....

I'll be with 3 buddies on Andros but they can only afford a week so I'll be by myself for the other week I'm fishing, whether I stay on Andros or go to Acklins or anywhere else.

On that note, if I end up staying on Andros, I'll be happy to partner up with somebody to save money and not have to pay the single rate for myself. I could even kick in part of what I'd be paying extra for the single towards somebody else's rate.
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