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Eric, ya from one of the wettest springs to a dry, really dry summer. 100 today, kept my runners in the shade most of practice. Hunting season for me has become a night mare as my kid has found hunting, nothing wrong with hunting but he hangs with some of the lowest low life local 18 year old's around. When I hear about their hunting stradegy I cringe. I'm sure there is trespassing, poaching and too much booze. He is 18 and if he blows it not much I can do. These kids brag about how their fathers have all been caught poaching, nice crowd and it's only bow season, I took the gun safe to a friends house this week, no way he will use any of my rifles. So you are not alone fearing hunting season this year. Yuk, he leaves for school in October if he gets that far.

Moonlight, I didn't know you were having a bad fire season up your way. Is the fire a threat to run down the Duck into the homes?
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