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Eric, Moonlight, anyone,
I would love a day on the Deschutes soon, Tracy says I deserve it as I have been working 12 hour days eight days a week, been eating dinner at 8:30 pm. But the house will be ready for us to move in mid September. It's looking really nice but I got to get the fence up. You should see the damn chicken coop, it's 120 sq ft with ceader shakes and hardy plank. Don't ask how that came about other than there was spare materials from the house. May have to put up a sat dish in case I'm thrown out and have to live with the cluckers.

Anyone want to go? We could do it on a mid week hopefully, go over in the evening car camp and be on the river before first light. Would have to be soon though as my Cross country coaching season starts on Sept 6th.

The guy next door said his brothers new to FF landed a fish 5 days in a row so there are fish to be found.
Lets go fishin!
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