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Originally Posted by Tajue17
is this with a single 9' rod with matched line? curious about the single hand spey????

also what part of the charles are you,,,,,, I work steps from the charles river in Cambridge and about 75yds from where they rent canoes and Yaks and i wondered about fishing this area one of these days --But for what?
Single hand rod with matching line. Old fiberglass rod -really sloooowwww ... It worked better than I ever would have dreamed. Don't think one could do it nearly s well (or at least I know I can't) with a fast action graphite rod - timing, at least for me, would be too tough.

In terms of the Charles - I was just a bit upstream of what you are talking about. I think people do a lot of fishing in the area you are talking about - mostly for largemouth bass, I think. There are also some big carp around - I just have not figured out how to fly fish for them yet. Maybe next Spring ....
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