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let me see I have maybe 7 spools with it in 5-6-7-9-10 weights and even though I have it on my freshwater rods I insist on it being on my saltwater setups! stuff to me is simply awesome and worth every penny,, I also like airflo ridged..

pretty much all my rods have extra spools, with every other line and I let friends do a real life comparison and they see its almost 1/2 the effort casting SS I wouldn't say its more distance though.. as for the guides,, no problem Yet with my rods a Sage-US, St Croix-US, Beulah-Korea, & even my 3-forks "made in China" Cabelas rod! I also use the line on vintage fiberglass and Cane rods but for freshwater where its all small fish.

the sound is music to my ears!!
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