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Orange only on the Hood.

Be careful I may have left some pungi sticks on your older Hobbit trails. No offense, those were the old days in a not so perfect world, they were really set for Sparkie. The prison run, the island does it still exist? Remember when GW Bush was giving a bit of a talk later in the day across the river from there to bunch of right wing enviro kooks. Early that very foggy morning I hear a jet ski slowly coming down the the far side rapids where no jet ski had ever been. Then out of the fog comes the ski and a guy with a crew cut, orange jump suit and a machine gun pointed at my head. I don't know how he knew I was wading and casting in all that fog. I've never had anyone come out of the fog pointing a machine gun at me, ever, it's not that common you know in this country. All I could say was GW was no friend of the river. How was I to know Beans would be there. Secret service guy nice guy with a mean look.
Ya stop in, the tip will be hear on the 29th of July, He and the lovely wife are Harley Riding that weekend. How come only us old people ride Harley's?
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