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Bruce...supposedly tarpon have been caught off the beach...but not by me. I was told that they are usually at the drop off of the bars about 200 yards out (no, can't walk out unless you want to drown). One option is to rent the kayak for a week.
The guy will deliver and pick up.

Tarpon are in Pine island Sound (the other side of Sanibel) all late May/June and part of July. It's a whole 20 min. drive. In the winter months I rent a kayak and drift....usually lady fish, sea trout and reds...snook are very cold sensitive.

Last June I went to Captiva Kayaks to rent a yak and try for tarpon.....after some wise words from the owner, I chickened out. Seems that 100s of hamerheads follow the tarpon in Pine island Sound......I invisioned being in a 12 ft yak...hooking a tarpon...bringing it to the boat (if I wasn't pulled to France) and then.............................

Snook fishing was so great...I decided to just enjoy what I was already enjoying and live to fish another year.
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