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Excellent point Jr.Spey!!! Will do next time. My general leader is 3 ft of 50 lb followed by 2 ft of 38 lb...followed by 4 to 5 ft of 16 or 20 lb. As I was getting hacked off with the 20...I just took the 38 lb spool out and used it. never thought about getting snagged...duh!!!!
Sad to say that I saw quite a few females in the 30 to 40 inch range..all I caught we the 18 to 28s...but they were fun! Large females tended to be caught by the "bait chunkers". I must learn to bring a chair and a 6 pack, toss the bait out and sit.................nah!!!!!!
Ron I gathered was that the best time to snook fish in Sanibel was from early June to the end of July....but avoid July 4th week as it is reportedly wall to wall people on the beaches. Even the 2nd week of June required getting away from and large water front condo/resort areas to avoid snagging the folks who like to stand behind you when casting.
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