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Eric.....last mid June, my wife and I went to Sanibel Florida...........for approx a month they migrate/spawn right along the beach........saw 200 to 300 fish a day....most right in the trough 2 ft off the shore. had to stand back 30 ft on the sand and cast parrallel along the trough. Best spot was a location called "The Rocks". PM me and I'll give you the exact location.
Most fish were caught were under huge bait balls some up to 30 ft in diamenter. Fished the edges and parallel to any hole in the bait ball (the hole was an indicator of a snook under the ball.
it was my first time snook fishing....fortunately a guy with over 20 yrs of snook fishing experience...adopted me fo rthe day and gave me more info/knowledge/techniques than I would ever achieve on my own.
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