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Last yr I started using a 20 tippet, and all I did was feed them flies. then I used successfully (but checked for abrassions each fish) Orvis fluro 38lb. Did not find them leader shy at all. That size tioppet lasted on ave.of 2 fish, then I retied.
FYI...most successful fly was a Crystal Sminnow in about 2 to 2 1/2 length. Simple full piece of white marabeau extended behind the fly the length of the shank.....medium sized bead chain eyes and wrapped white estaz on the shank........easy tie...5 minutes at best and it even works on stripers in the surf when they are feeding on anchovies.
My leader set up was 5ft (loop to loop to line) of 50 lb butt section...then 5 ft (loop to loop) of the 38 lb. Fly turned over well. 10 ft is overkill..but after a few fish it was 9 ft
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