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Don't know what it is about the connections one gets to where he or she originally comes from. In a day and age where people are so mobile there seems to be few roots to hold on by. Seems any more our roots are memories of another time. That black & white picture over in the saltwater section of the 54 lb striper caught in 1952 is as real to me as can be. That was my childhood, fishing with men who smoked big cigars and followed the tides quietly and secretly day and night. As you are a transplant from West to East, I am A transplant from East to West. As much as I love the mystic steelhead and the traditions there is nothing for me that stirs the soul as the sparkles of light on Cape Cod bay, the smell only the New England sea can have. Movements of tides across powdered sand and granite alike. And most of all knowing Rockus could be lurking just about anywhere, from behind a local dock not far up Weymouths Back River to the rocky night coast of Cuttyhunk where Church caught what once was the world record 73 pounder in 1917. How dare the new record come from NJ it only belongs in New England.
I guess what I'm trying to say here is I know your yearning and love for steelhead fishing and being far away from it. I could never go back to Weymouth to live because there is more to life than fishing yet the urge to hunt stripers is very strong and still consumes much of my imagination.
As for sinktip and me coming out to fish, I'll get him out in the next couple of summers that I promise. That guy is a class act who tips a good double malt on any river and I'm sure could do just as well on a shaded evening porch after a great day on the Bay. And he knows how to fish too.

Also need to thank you for the saltwater page it makes me feel at home and I can feel the excitement all the great guys over there get as April turns into May. Looking forward to meeting them all someday.
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