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Jim -

Gorgeous looking flies, and I am sure you will get a good response from the fish as well as the fishermen.

Esa -

Seeing that you're from Finland, I am assuming you have atlantic salmon as a main angling target - is that right?

The primary mid-sized fish in the US northeast is the striped bass, which luckily for the striper angler eats the head of it's prey. So we can have a 12 inch fly with a one-inch hook in the front and hook up! How lucky is that?

I fished steelhead for much of my life, and to a lesser degree atlantic salmon - and I would concur that the chances of getting a good hookset on a front-placed hook for searun salmonids is dramatically less.

Lately I've been getting great hookup to take ratios with steelhead on the swung fly (US Pacific Northwest) using the rearward hook loop design Ed Ward made popular with his "Intruder" fly. Now if I can just get more 'takes' I'll be all set

- Juro
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