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Originally Posted by bruce.campo
Jon - really good stuff here. What material are you using again? Have you tired this patter with clouser eyes? I'd be concerned the fly won't flip and ride hook up (asuming it is supposed to).
I use EP 3D Fiber but there are some similar products you could use.I like to use wire because it is easier to put on and it doesn't move around when the fly has been used a while. If you tie in the marabou and the rubber legs pointed straight up it will land on the bottom right side up most of the time which is about all you can hope for. This fly, tied on a #4 hook (as in the post) sinks fairly fast and can be cast with a six weight, a lot of the crabs you see weigh a ton and you need a nine to cast them and they hit the water like a rock. I like something with a reasonably soft landing that casts easily so I can make a quick shot far enough in front of a fish to give the fly time to sink.

I hadn't posted it till after our lunch. Glad you found your chest pack!
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