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The site has been down now for a couple of days.
Got two reports from friends fishing the Snake R. above Clarkston over the last few days. Both reports were not great as water temps are very close to 70 F. They were not picking up fish where they on most years take many.
The last fish counts showed that between 5 and 9 thousand fish a day were moving through the Snake R. dams. I would suspect that they are all hanging out right at Lewiston where the Snake and Clearwater join. It would be fun to scuba dive in that area and see if there is a huge build up of steelhead swimming in circles waiting for cooler water to go up river.
It's strange that there are so many fish this year and yet things are really slow so far.
I'll be headed over there Oct 11 for a couple of weeks of work related duties and fishing. Hope we get some rain and some snow up high that will melt during the day, got to get the temps down to at least 60.
If anyone gets over there a couple of reports would be great.
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