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Good point Penguin -

But this also makes me wonder if shallow/hospitable flats also rate high on the seal tolerance meter as well as offshore shoals.

Case in point - there were always plenty of seals at Monomoy from the Southway all the way up to the J bouy and a few beyond but the area was thick with bass.

Sure they would get harassed and I've seen the fish get herded into huddled masses sometimes and slaughtered but overall it did not seem to deter the fish at all from doing their thing on the shallows.

The most dangerous type of habitat for stripers with seals present seems to be the surfline where more than 90% of fish eating sightings I've made have been.

In retrospect, I have seen very few seals actually getting seals (unless hooked by an angler) on the flats over many years.

In addition, I have seen swarms of fish on the flats while seals were present, but not when the water conditions were bad.

My guess is that shallow hospitable flats with food and good oxygen / temperatures are comparably good for stripers despite the presence of seals because seals will not have much success catching them without a bank to press them against.
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