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Thumbs up Brass face and snake handle.

Oh My God! That will be too cool for words.

As for Tim being 'over-worked' he/I have corresponded for months. Had to advise him to 'be careful of what you wish, it could come true.' First time I saw (Internet) one of his reels it took me less than 90 seconds to put in my (first) order.

Of that 90 seconds, 30 were taken up by hosting my old butt off my chair to go fetch my wallet. Being a 'Retired Banker' those conversations/sharing have been interesting, in a good way.

"If you build it, they will come" sort of stuff. And Lord Knows! They came.

A very, very good thing as these reels are not just a functional fishing tool, but a genuine work of Art. You look at the photos of the reels here/his web site ... that's exactly what you'll get in your box. Tim's a machinist of the highest order.
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