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Originally Posted by fredaevans
Good call on the SpeyCo reel. I've got four of them now. Three 'spey rod' sized and one light 'trouter.'

They're the most solid reel I've ever had my hands on ...... and wait, just wait, till you hear line coming off one of those Puppies! You can hear it 100 yards away! Sounds like an old Hardy on Steroids.

Better yet they cost hundreds less that many 'major brand name' reels that have had so many holes drilled to them there's no weight left to help balance the rod.

Why would you want to hear the line coming off your reel? Do you need it to let you know you have a fish on?or just to let everyone else know your tight.When I'm fishing ,especially at night the last thing I want to do is telegraph to all that I'm into fish.I remove all clickers from my reels.
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