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The Nauset 28's look like great boats with a great working stern. Does anyone know if the diesel engine is located in the stern or more centered. Also remember that she is only 28ft and the flying bridge model will not sit well while trolling or at anchor in a cross swell, she will be extreamly top heavy and roll like a mother. The express cruiser would be the way to go. In some ways the express reminds me of the great Bristol bass boats or Cuttyhunk bass boats of my days fishin stripa's. I didn't read the website, does she have a little Yanmar 3 banger in her? If I was living on the cape this is the boat I would own. She may not be fast but she sure would sound good going out to the rips. I can see me now, white pressed long sleeve shirt, Kaki pants, white scully top side, white leather boat shoes and a good cigar at the helm. Boat decked out with all types of bass gear. I really miss those days running around in boats like this looking for big bass on bright blue Sunday mornings, church my man, church!
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