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Well I went and did it, we are now the owners of a baby. The Boreal 44 will be started in the fall and completed in June 2013. I couldn't say no as I went for a all day sail on one of the owners 44. The day on the Britteny coast was sunny and warm and we started out with 9 knots of wind. The Boreal sailed on a broad reach at 4.8 knots without a spinnacker up. I thought that was amazing but when the winds increased to 18 knots she flew at between 8.8 and 10 knots. Better yet after the wind hit 12 knots on a beam reach I didn't have to touch the helm for over 45 minutes and the boat sailed as strait as an arrow. That gives us so many options when thinking of power consumption when the auto helm is on, there won't be a lot of juice being used. The crew who build the Boreals were top quality and their workmanship was beyond anything I've seen in a boat yard. The two owners of the company are outstanding and have years experience cruising, coaching the French olympic Finn team, managing Puma in the Volvo cup team and running the french team in the America's cup. It's a different boat than anything I've ever sailed and had offers to buy it from Frenchmen who want one as soon as possible. Tracy and I feel lucky that we contacted Boreal when we did or else we would have been late, the company is now booked for the next couple of years at 6 boats a year.
Now back to fishing steelhead for awhile.
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