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Originally Posted by juro
Sounds awesome - looking forward to seeing your photos
The photos are all hosted on facebook. Am I ok to link to them there Juro? I can't figure out how to embed them in my posts so I can only link to the page with them:
Trip pictures

Maybe you can tell me how to do it so I can embed them unless it's fine to link to the photos.

There's just a sampling of the bigger fish in there. I stopped taking pictures of the 7-8 lb'ers because I got so many. The 9.5 was the biggest of my life and definitely needed photos. Me and the guide beached him, unhooked him fast in the water, and snapped the shots really fast to get him back in the water as quickly as possible. Bones don't do well out of the water for long and for all of the photos, those fish were out of the water for as brief a time as possible just to snap the pics before we got them back in and on their way, all healthy and strong from one of you guys to catch another day.
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