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I am jealous. . . . It's tough to get away for two straight weeks, but if anyone out there ever has the chance, do it!

It takes a few days just to get into the rythym of island life, fishing everyday, cold kaliks at night, etc. . . By the end of a week long trip I am still ready for more, and that extra week hits the spot.

I did twelve days last year on Acklins and two weeks on Crooked in the past. Several years ago my family and I had the opportunity to stay one month on Eleuthera. About a week before the start of our trip, I got worried that we were staying too long. Needless to say, at the end of four weeks, I could have stayed longer.

Hopefully Juro's group is heading down sometime soon too--I know a few of those guys were itching to go.

Looking forward to flats like these!!

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