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The centerboard wieght is over 600 pounds, hydraulic up and down with hand crank in an emergency. The tolerance's are such that it does not make noise. I'm curious to find out how you scrape barnacles out of centerboard box. The centerboard comes out easily through the top hatch from what I have been told so I guess you use the anchor winch which is right in front of the mast and a halyard to lift it out.
Fred, glass is easy to take care of as it does not rust or have electrolis problems. Aluminum is really strong and can take the cruisers nightmare of hitting a container or a whale. Aluminum is easy to repair if damaged. The boat has a computer system that monitors electroilis and lets you know how much if any. But you still can get other types of corrosion if you do not do monthly checks throughout the boat. Keeping the bilge clean really helps and when you drill a hole somewhere make sure you vac up all the aluminum filings. Everything is a trade off on a cruising boat but we want the strenght of aluminum and the abillitty to anchor and cruise in the shallow water islands of the south pacific. We just want to try something new to American cruisers, were getting up there in age and a new boat like this makes feel like were 50 again . Of the next 6 boreals being built 3 are for Americans.

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