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A Pleskunas VLMD is a tub (Vertical Line Management Device.) It is designed to sit on the floor of the boat and the line is stripped into it. Often, when billfishing we've used 5 gallon buckets for much the same purpose. While using one does minimize the risk of getting line around you leg, it doesn't do much at all about line around your wrist or finger. I'll admit that 45# is better than 60# or more, but to say that there's no risk, or even minimal risk, is just not accurate. I'm aware of a celebrity flyfishermen (who's repeatly asked me to not mention his name when I deal with this issue) who was taken over the side of a boat with 30# class tippet while fishing for sailfish. If you try to break 30# or 45# mono or FC you'll find out just how strong it is. If you tie decent knots, you won't diminish the breaking strength by anything more than 10%, and if you choose the right knots, and tie them well, it'll be less than that. Look, you can do whatever you want, but at least you've been warned. Too many men think Indiana Jones is their brother and that things like this will never happen to them, or they'll figure something out in an instant if it does.
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