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Intersting points. I have not used 60# but would not worry too much about 45#. Even with the most carefully tied knot, your break strength is going to be much less than than the rating. Worth taking into account the strengh of all connections including the bimini in the braid and conneciton from fly line to leader. I have had the line wrap around my hand or rod butt or get stuck underfoot on a tuna run. The tippet has always broken rather easisly. A friend of mine got wrapped around his watch a few years ago and it didn't even break the watch strap. 45# will snap if you overdo it on the drag and and the fish changes direction with a lot of backing out, creating a bow. What I would be very careful of is the braided backing leaving your reel at light speed. If you caught a finger in there, you could get severly injured. I should also mention that I almost always use a Pleskunas VLMD which virtually eliminates tangling when clearing line.

Once you are on the reel, you will have a big advantage.
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